About Us

Have you ever thought of buying a gift for that special person in your life? Well I thought I’d get a watch as a gift for mine and the experience was an eye-opener. The time and effort required was something I had not bargained for. To find the right watch for the right occasion demanding spending time researching online which was a chore as the information was all over the internet but in different locations. I did indeed end up getting the perfect piece but the experience definitely left an impression. This is what gave birth to Season Watches.

Our team at “Season Watches” have a singular objective: to provide honest and accurate information and reviews on all things relating to watches. This is not another content pile to confuse people but is actually to serve as a resource hub to help you every step of the way during the buying journey – from research to purchase – making the search experience as memorable as the purchase experience.

With improving your buying experience being at the heart of what we do, we provide watch reviews on a diverse range of watch brands. You can save time and energy selecting the correct watch-products to meet your need, while Season Watches does the heavy lifting.

In addition to the watch reviews we have easily digestible watch guides which arm you with ample knowledge to help reach an informed decision with your choices. This does come in handy when dealing with luxury timepieces or expensive watches which require investment. This way you avoid the dreaded “post purchasing dissonance” or “buyer’s remorse”.

Now it is worth noting that the experiences on this website are provided by our in-house team and where required professionals with the prerequisite knowledge on specific products.

Now on to the boring legal stuff:

Now, keep reading, stay informed and tell your friends about us! If you do have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us