Michael Kors Automatic Wilder Watch

The Michael Kors Wilder Watch is a beautiful mechanical watch with the look and specs of a device twice it’s price. With a gold-tone case, leather strap and visible mechanical gears, this watch has a distinctive look that’s bound to draw the eye.

Product Features:

  • 44mm Case Diameter
  • Japanese automatic movement
  • Clear gear window
  • Water resistant at 50m

With a case diameter of 44m, this is a large watch that will definitely be an eye-catching addition to any man’s arm. This large case size is ideally suited for men with medium to large wrist sizes. The automatic mechanical movement means that you’re your watch’s very own power source. If worn daily, this Michael Kors watch will self-wind due to the energy provided by the natural motion of your arm. So you’ll be free to admire the classic sweeping motion of the hands without the need for manual winding. You’ll be able to appreciate the beautiful gears and springs that make up the inner workings of the mechanical movement from the outside too with a clear gear window on the black dial. And if you’re caught in a sudden downpour, you don’t need to worry. A water resistance of 50m/165ft means your watch is safe against humidity and theremichael-kors-watch-wilder-skeleton-back-men‘s no need to remove it while washing your hands either.

The Michael Kors Automatic Wilder Watch is suited for an amateur watch enthusiast or as a first foray into mechanical watches. Although the water resistance is too low for anything more than recreational swimming, this isn’t a real disadvantage as most people remove their watches during showering or swimming anyway. With a distinctive and stylish look, this is fantastic entry-level watch with an impressive price tag.