Top 10 Best Watches For Couples

It is true Valentine’s day is around the corner. And as expected there might be a few of us still wondering what kind of gift to get that special person in our lives.

Well in true Season Watches style we have tried to do some of the leg work for you as far as considerations for couple watches is concerned. This should arm you with information which should help make the decision easier. However, today our review is not focused on a single day but the people that truly matter: friends, partners, parents – young and old.

We are well aware that every relationship is unique and the watch set gifts aim to make this even stronger and memorable, we have put together our pick of the top 10 best pair watches for couples. As you will soon find out the list are suitable as valentine’s gifts, wedding anniversary gifts or even watch gifts to couples who mean a lot to you.

Just as a heads up, we have not included Michael Kors watches for him and her. Also if you need more insight into the technicalities of watches, feel free to check out our easy-to-read watches guide.

Watch NameMovementStrap/BandPrice
Starking Automatic Skeleton Pair WatchesAutomatic self windStainless steelCheck price
BOS Black No Dial Wrist WatchesQuartzTungsten steelCheck price
BOS Waterproof Watches for CouplesJapanese quartzStainless steelCheck price
Binger Gold Dial WatchAutomatic self windLeatherCheck price
Binger Gold Dial Couple WatchesAutomatic self windStainless steelCheck price
Guess Gold Tone WatchesQuartzStainless steelCheck price
Jiusko Swiss Watch SetJapanese QuartzLeatherCheck price
Jiusko Analog Wrist Watch Gift SetSwiss Ronda QuartzStainless steelCheck price
Luxurman Diamond Watch SetSwiss quartzStainless steelCheck price
Luxurman Yellow Gold Plated WatchSwiss quartzStainless steelCheck price

The Starking His and Her Watches are identical to one another, aside of the different sizing to suit each wrist, which signifies unity and oneness in the relationship. It’s a very symbolic way to stand united. The classic, slightly steampunk unisex design is perfect for the couple who wants to look good while matching.

Water Resistant

The Starking watches are water resistant down to 50 meters (150 feet); while that may not be suitable for extreme scuba diving, it’s perfect for the couple who wants to wear their watches on a romantic snorkeling adventure.

High quality construction

The bracelet of the watch is linked stainless steel, which is a very iconic, unisex design choice. The round case is also stainless steel. Both have the same beautiful silver color, so that they blend flawlessly together so that the contrasting analog steampunk-ish face becomes the focal point.

Pros / Gift suggestions

The Starking His and Her Couple Watches are a great Valentine’s gift idea for the couple that is committed to each other, which is why they would also be ideal for an anniversary gift.

Cons / Considerations

Couples who don’t want identical couple watches may not find the Starking Watch appealing, because they are identical in design.

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The BOS 8006 Couple Watches are individually packaged, making the gift-giving a lot easier, because it can be giving by him, her or a third party.

Ultra-modern design

The watch face has no hour or minute markers even though it has analog hour, minute and second hands. The result is a black watch face that is a stark back drop for the watch hands as well as the circle of Czech diamonds that surround a tiny window letting you know the hour.

Well made

The bands are made of tungsten steel for ultimate durability as well as supporting the very modern look of the watch. Meanwhile, the timekeeping is supported by Japanese quartz for reliability.

Pros / Gift suggestions

The BOS 8006 watches make a great Valentine’s gift for a young, modern couple who have similar, minimalistic aesthetic tastes


The BOS watches are technically water resistant, but the manufacturer still warns against even showering or swimming in them.

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The BOS Waterproof Couple Watches are water resistant all the way down to 100 meters (328 feet), making them a great gift idea for the couple who plans to take a lot of beach vacations.

Week and date calendar

These couple watches feature week and date calendars discreetly on the face of the watch so you’ll always know when your anniversary is coming up.

Quality construction

The band and the case are made from tungsten steel for durability while the surface of the case is made with a scratch-resistant synthetic sapphire crystal to ensure your watches remain beautiful for years to come.


The BOS waterproof couple watches are a great idea for a couple who loves the water. Not every couple’s watch is waterproof and some of the ones that are, aren’t for diving, so this is a great watch for the adventurous type of couple that dives with the sharks.


The calendar isn’t as straightforward as it should be, which may cause some minor annoyance.

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The skeletal dial is one of the coolest features on this watch. The dial is gold-colored as is the face of the watch, while the Roman numerals and watch hands are a bright contrasting sapphire blue. The overall vibe is Neptune the sea god turned steampunk—in a good way.

Nice construction

The surface is actually sapphire crystal—not imitation—and the watch case is stainless steel for durability.

One year warranty

Binger stands behind this watch with a one year warranty.


These watches are a superb Valentine’s gift for the couple who is fun and loves a luxurious offbeat look in their wristwear.


The leather bands are calfskin which isn’t vegan-friendly for obvious reasons. Also, the leather bands appear to be of different colors; the man’s leather band appears black or darkest ebony brown while the woman’s band is a much lighter dark chocolate brown. The rest of the design is identical, however. Also: do not get it wet. These watches have very little water resistance, only enough to be safe in a light rain.

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While much if it is similar to its leather-banded sister watch, this version features a stainless-steel band that adds an extra layer of durability. The case and clasp are also stainless steel. And like its fraternal watch twin, it also contains real sapphire crystal on the surface.

Luxury aesthetics

These couple watches are definitely for the couple that doesn’t mind standing out. They’re blingier than their leather-banded sister watches, so if there great for extra impact.

One year warranty

This watch comes with a one-year warranty provided by Binger.


This couple’s watch is a great gift idea for a couple who loves the look of gold as well as the quirky mechanical insides. It makes a fun Valentine’s statement present.


This watch has only the minimal amount of water resistance. While it can withstand light rain, you should never submerge it in water.

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The Guess His and Her watches are very gender neutral so both him and her will feel like they look their best while wearing them. They also both feature a handy date window.

Nice aesthetics

The silver and gold of the bracelet and bezel are a tasteful choice, as is the analog-Roman numeral combination on the face.

Something extra for her

She’s special, so of course her watch has to have a little something special: The Her watch features crystal accents on the bezel to make her feel like the queen she is.


This is the ideal gift for the first Valentine’s Day when you guys become “serious”. You’re not ready to put a ring on her finger, but you want to show her your commitment, right? This is the perfect gift to say, “I’m with you and only you.”


Due to the crystal accents on the Her bezel, these watches aren’t precisely identical, but that is also part of their charm as well.

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Real leather straps and a stainless-steel case make for durability, the buckle is made with stainless steel and rose gold for aesthetics, and the surface is true sapphire crystal. Overall a charming, quality watch.

Japanese quartz

The movement is Japanese quartz for reliability.

Extra touches

The backs of the cases are engraved with butterflies symbolizing love; underneath is written “YOU & ME”. They come in a heart-shaped box.


If you’re going to give a couple watch to your high school sweetheart, this delicate choice would be the one.


There is a two-year warranty, but it’s not provided by the manufacturer.

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Sometimes metallic watches that are called stainless steel or tungsten may still contain the dreaded nickel which can trigger major allergic reactions in some sensitive individuals. However, Jiusko’s His and Her watches are hypoallergenic with nickel and genuine stainless steel and tungsten.

The Her watch is slim and dainty

Unlike some other couple watches where the Her watch is only slightly smaller, the Her watch on this model is very slim, so it won’t be overwhelming on a lady with petite wrists.

Modern and matching

The design aesthetic is modern and aside of the gender-related size difference, they’re match perfectly.


This watch set would be ideal for a couple who are professionally discreet and would love to wear their watches out to work without them being recognized as obvious couple watches.


Some might prefer the manufacturer provide the warranty; however, it’s provided by a third party.

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These watches contain 0.55 carats of real diamonds. Not many couple watches can boast real diamonds at all. What’s more, these come from the NYC Diamond District, a mark of prestige.

Cool aesthetics

This is a great alternative choice to the couple who loves bling but prefers cool tones instead of warm ones. Also, the watch hands contrast the face enough to be red, but not overwhelming the look.

Five-year warranty

The Luxurman watches come with a five-year warranty provided by the manufacturer as well as a 30-day moneyback guarantee, which indicates they have a lot of confidence in their product.


This is a statement couple watch set for the couple who loves bling, perfect for an anniversary gift or a luxury just-because present.

Cons / Considerations

There are subtle design differences in the male and female watch aside of size, so this isn’t ideal for couples who want to match perfectly.

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Whether you’re trying to evoke Marie-Antoinette and Louis XVI’s opulent Versailles or the modern Queen B and her consort Jay-Z, this watch set is for the couple with royal tastes.

Luxury construction

The stainless-steel case is plated in white and yellow gold while the watches themselves feature an astounding 1.7 carats of true diamonds.

Swiss movement

This couple’s set features Swiss movements for the most accurate timekeeping.


This is the couple’s watch that lets her know she is a true queen, making it perfect a special Valentine’s Day or an anniversary milestone.

Cons / Considerations

The watch designs are both beautiful, but they’re gender specific so the aesthetics don’t match exactly, though they do complement each other.

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