Top 10 Rado Watches for Women

Rado is one of the largest manufacturers of watches in the world. Founded in Switzerland in 1917, Rado has become a pioneer for highly durable scratch-resistant watches. In 2004, they created the VK10K, which the Guinnes Book of Records certified as the hardest watch on Earth. That isn’t to say they lack in aesthetic appeal. Rado prefers using distinct and designs that differ from other Swiss watchmakers but are certainly not lacking in attractiveness. Their use of innovative high tech materials also serves to set them apart from their competitors and their unique designs have won the company several design awards.

If you’re a woman who wants a beautiful watch that stands out from the mold with creative designs and impressive durability, Rado watches are right for you. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Rado watches to help you find the right fit.

Distinct Design: This minimalistic, distinct design is sure to attract attention. The stainless steel and ceramic band is accompanied by a black ceramic face with only four hour markers and a small window display.
Sapphire Crystal: The sapphire crystal dial is incredibly durable, able to withstand scratches and falls while also being anti-reflective for good visibility under sunlight.
Quartz Movement: The quartz movement of this watch is battery powered so it has precise accuracy.
Deployment Clasp: The secure deployment clasp ensures that the watch stays securely on your wrist without risk of accidental opening.

Go For Gold: For a more luxurious look, this watch is sure to be a favorite with a gold plated band, case and dial. The dial also features diamond hour markers to make your wrist shine.
Quartz Movement: This highly accurate Swiss quartz movement is battery powered so there is no need for manual rewinding.
Small Face: Great for those who like smaller designs or who have smaller wrists, the watch face is a neat 21mm in diameter accompanied by a thin 10mm band.
Sapphire Crystal: The sapphire crystal dial offers twin perks of scratch resistance and anti-reflection.

Stylish: This chic and modern design features a two tone stainless steel bracelet, black dial and gold-tone hands for a sophisticated look.
Date Window: A date window is situated just above the 6 o’clock position so you’ll never forget the date again.
Sapphire Crystal: This synthetic sapphire crystal is the most scratch resistant material on the market so you’re watch will be protected as you go about your day.
Quartz Movement: There is no need to rewind with the highly accurate Swiss Quartz movement that keeps time better than a mechanical watch.

Rectangle Design: This sophisticated two tone black and gold watch looks sophisticated and modern thanks to the rectangle face, which is the same width as the band for a smooth lineal design.
High Tech Ceramic: The high-tech ceramic used on the band is highly durable and combined with the sapphire crystal dial ensures this watch is well protected from outside conditions.
Quartz Movement: The Swiss Quartz movement keeps time accurately and is powered by battery for a no-hassle maintenance.
Deployment Clasp: The deployment clasp on the band means your watch will stay securely on your wrist when worn, without risk of falling off.

Classic Design: This versatile, classic design is a favorite for many. The simple stainless steel link bracelet and silver dial with diamond markers is pretty while remaining pretty enough to wear with anything.
Small Size: The small 22mm case and 12mm width band is great for ladies with smaller wrists of those who prefer watches that don’t draw too much attention.
Quartz Movement: The Swiss Quartz movement will make sure you’re always on time thanks to it’s superb precision timekeeping.
Anti-Reflective: Great for women who spend a lot of time outside under the sun, the anti-reflective sapphire crystal dial provides clear visibility in bright sunlight.

Feminine Lux: This watch is classy and lux while retaining a touch of feminine grace and beauty thanks to the lovely rose gold bezel and bracelet center link and the white dial with diamond markers.
Date Display: A self adjusting calendar means you’ll never forget the date again with a date window displayed at the 3 o’clock position.
Deployment Clasp: The secure deployment clasp features an extra double push safety button to allow easy opening while ensuring your watch stays on when you need it to.
Quartz Movement: You’ll never be late again with the highly accurate Swiss Quartz Movement.

Silver and Gold: The winning combination of silver and gold is displayed on this watch with a silver stainless steel bracelet with gold-tone center links, silver case and gold dial with silver diamond hour markers.
Anti-Reflective: The sapphire crystal dial is anti-reflective so you can see clearing in glaring sunlight.
Deployment Clasp: The deployment clasp with double push button is simple to open but locks securely in place so your watch will remain firmly on your wrist.
Quartz Movement: There’s no need for manual rewinding due to the battery powered Swiss Quartz movement.

Feminine Charm: This watch is beautifully feminine thanks to the rose gold tone stainless steel band and case and lovely white mother of pearl dial with diamond markers.
Linear Design: An attractive linear appeal is achieved thanks to the rectangle face that seamlessly connects to the thin bracelet.
Minimal Dial: This no-fuss dial features only four diamond markers at the 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock positions for a pretty, minimal effect.
Durable: The sapphire crystal dial is heat treated to provide excellent scratch resistance to protect your watch from outside conditions.

Minimalism: This watch is a vision in minimalism with a unique, all-dark look. The black leather strap is paired with a black oval dial with no hour markers for a subtle appeal.
Leather Strap: The stylish leather strap feels comfortable against your skin and is paired with a buckle for easy adjustment in size.
Quartz Movement: The Swiss Quartz Movement provides greater accuracy than mechanical movements.
Sapphire Crystal: Enjoy both anti-reflection and scratch resistance due to the sapphire crystal dial.

Linear Look: The smooth linear look is achieved due to the black leather strap and black ceramic dial, which blend together seamlessly. The rectangular yellow gold bezel adds a stylish addition to the all-black look.
High-Tech Ceramic: The high-tech ceramic case is highly durable to withstand bumps and scratches.
Buckle: The black leather strap is accompanied by a simple yet stylish buckle that makes it easy to open and close and adjust the size of your strap.
Sapphire Crystal: The sapphire crystal dial boast impressive scratch resistance and clear visibility in sunlight.